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Sparta middle school students build connections with French peers

"Less than 72 hours after touching down on American soil, Cyrille Grember, 14, was circling the bases in a coup de circuit.

That's French for "home run," one of several morsels of American vernacular the youngster spent Sunday mastering during a potluck picnic at Station Park attended by 35 French teenagers and their host families from Sparta."

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New Jersey Herald - October, 2013

French students bond with Sussex County teens over baseball

"Though one can easily see pictures of far away countries on the internet and e-mail or tweet a friend from a far away land, it isn't the same as meeting face to face. For this reason, from Oct. 10 to 18, students from The St. Louis School in Dagneux, France, came to Sussex County to live with a Sparta host family and immerse themselves in the American culture plus share some of their own."

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Township Journal - October, 2013

Priceless bonds formed between exchange students and families

"Claire Bodio lives in the hamlet of Meximieux, France. It's a two hour train ride from Paris and thousands of miles away from Sussex County, N.J., yet she's made the journey not just to America, but specifically to Hampton, N.J. three times in the past three years. Claire makes the journey because she has formed a very special bond with the Winfield family that was set up by Newton resident Sandra Polizzo..."

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Township Journal - July, 2013